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e-Sword: The World’s Best Free Bible Software!

Download and Installation Guide

***It is too big for one-click download. You need to download one by one.***

1) Please, go to e-Sword, download and install it.
2) Please, click on the Shared Google Drive Link or the Shared OneDrive Link , download each folder, unzip, collect all the unzipped files into one folder, and copy all the files (over 5000 files), including Hebrew and KJV audio files. (*When you unzip, put your cursor on the zip icon, right-click and choose the unzip software you have on your computer to unzip. If it doesn’t work, install 7-Zip and execute it.)
3) Please, go to C-drive, to Program Files (or Program Files (x86)), left-click on e-Sword, remove all the existing files and paste to e-Sword all the copied files with Hebrew and KJV audio folder. That’s it.
4) Please, open e-Sword again. You don’t need to repeat several thousands of actions to install this software.
5) You can add daily updated or added files from Bible Support. Give all grace and glory to God alone. God bless the author and you.
6) You can also download Mysword for Notebooks or Smartphones
It is convenient to keep all the files for later use online.
Thanks! Give only to God all the glory, honor, praises and thanks.

Google Drive Link

OneDrive Link


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