Wonderful  News!

You can have the best of the best completely free e-Sword Bible study program with more than 100 Bibles, 180 commentaries, 120 dictionaries, 4,100 books and others in a split second.

Method:Quick and Easy

1) Please, go to e-Sword, download and install it.

2) Please, click on the shared Onedrive or the shared Google Drive,  download each folder, unzip, collect all the unzipped files into one folder, and copy all the files (over 5000 files), including Hebrew and KJV audio files. (*When you unzip, put your cursor on the zip icon, right-click and choose the unzip software you have on your computer to unzip. If it doesn’t work, install 7-Zip and execute it.)

3) Please, go to C-drive, to Program Files (or Program Files (x86)), left-click on e-Sword, remove all the existing files and paste to e-Sword all the copied files with Hebrew and KJV audio folder. That’s it.

4) Please, open e-Sword again. You don’t need to repeat several thousands of actions to install this software.

5) You can add daily updated or added files from Bible Support. Give all grace and glory to God alone. God bless you.

6) You can also download Mysword for Notebooks or Smartphones

7) When you download, you need to downlaod one by one because it is too big for one-click downlaod. Mysword zip should be separated from the other 6 zip files for Mysword Android Program.

If the dropbox does not work, or you have any problem with this installation, please email me at chanshikp@gmail.com.

Allmyfaves You can create your own toolbar homepage out of this software.


Add Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor Essential for Font Family setup when the default font family of wordpress is inactive

Google Fonts for WordPress Well integrated with the above Font Visual Editor available for over 600 Goolge Fonts


♥♥♥ Bible.is  Dramatized Audio ESV Daily Bible Reading.

♥♥♥ Audio Bible Download  ESV, KJV and CE Bibles are downloadable.

YouVersion  Great for NIV, ESV, etc. daily Bible Reading.

Audio Bible  Dramatized NIV, ESV, etc. Audio Bible Reading.

e-Sword  This is the best free Bible study software I strongly recommend. You can also download hundreds of additional modules here.

Monergism  One of the best and most convenient free libraries for Bible study. Please click here to get more.

CRTA  Very useful theological books and Reformed links

BibArcheology  A surely supporting proof for the truth of the Bible.

Biblical Studies Journal  A large collection of Biblical Journals. Please hit here to get more.

The Text This Week  a variety of Scripture study resources available. Please click here to get more.

 Internet Archive  The world-largest totally free user-friendly library. Please click here to get more.

Learn Hebrew  A series of awesome Hebrew video lectures. Please click here to get more.

Google Translator Toolkit  The most convenient, user-friendly, and absolutely free translation tool.

In Touch Ministries Sermons  Listen or download sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley.

This is all about building a WordPress website. Please click here.

How about making a kindle library for free. Please click here.

Mouse Without Borders  You can work across computers without borders.

Evernote Web Clipper  Save web page texts, links and images with a single click.

♦ Bible Greek on VideoPOD  Learn Greek from John Pappas.

Liveminutes.com  A very awesome meeting and teaching tool.

 Scripture Memory System  The most useful, free audio Bible verse memory software.

Hebrew and Greek Audio Bible  For now Genesis Chapter 1 is available.

♥♥♥ ESV Audio Bible  You can search any Bible verse via Scripture Window by highlighting specific verses and righ-clicking on the mouth and listen to it.

♦♦♦ Zoho Notebook  A very stable and multifunctional notebook best suitable for note-taking.
♦♦♦ Booksie  Share your books with millions of readers.
♦♦♦ Zotero  a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.
♦♦♦Mendeley  Easily organize your papers, read & annotate your PDFs.
Kindle Web Reader  Synchronized with a Kindle for PC
Evernote Clearly  Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read.
Skitch  Make your point with shapes, arrows and quick sketches.
SkyDrive & OneNote You can combine SkyDrive and OneNote synced automatically.
Lingoes A free downloadable dictionary with over 80 languages and Lingoes Text Capture Plug-in for Firefox

SpyPig  Free email tacking  system.

The Boyce Digital Library  Open Access Dissertation and Theses

Small Church Music  An huge collection of all kinds of church music with lyrics

Hymnal.net  Christian hymns and spiritual songs

Godly Christian Music  Over 2000 free mp3 songs for legal download.

IDriveSync  Easy, Fast and Secure Cloud Storage, Sync and Sharing.

Online Library of Liberty  A wonderful collection of ancient books.

Advanced Google Book Search  Full view only selectable.

HATHI Trust Digital Library Full view only books are searchable and downloadable.

The Online Books Page  A collection of Categorized books

 eLyrics.net  One of the largest song lyrics destination on the net.

A Family Hymnal  100 gracious hymn songs with lyrics.

Songs & Hymns of Revivals  Melody with lyrics

Baptist Hymnal  More than 500 Baptist hymnals with melody

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys  A very useful time saver in computing.
StudyLight.org  A large collection of 54 Public domain Commentaries
ClassicPDF to Word Converter  Very convenient for building Personal Books in Logos Bible Software
Vyew  Free virtual teaching software
EDU2.0 Free Class Organizer compatible with Vyew
Malwarebytes  Very useful for removing malwares
ComoFix  Very useful for cleaning up a computer.
Bible Basics Pronunciation  A pronunciation of Biblical Names difficult to be pronounced.

Bible Name Pronunciation  The best way to practice pronouncing the Bible Names easily and quickly.

Howysay  A free Online English Pronunciation Dictionary

Pronounce How  Learn to pronounce words and phrases in different languages.
Text Compactor  Automatic Text Summarization Tool useful for writing papers

TeamViewer  remotely access computers from your android device.

Task Scheduler  Automatically wake up sleeping computer remotely

FilmOn.TV  Watch FilmOn Live TV from over 200 LIVE TV Channels for free
EVERYON.TV  Watch CNN Live TV Steaming
EVERYON.TV  Watch CNN Live TV Steaming
1-Click YouTube Downloader  The simplest YouTube Video Downloader
How to embed a YouTube Playlist in a WP Page  The most effective, easiest and free way to embed a YouTube gallery
Kylo Browser  The Browser for your TV
reddit.tv  A Video TV
Channel.com  Watch Videos from All over the Web
Go4Convert  You can convert any document to any other document free.
ebookbrowse  A large library of very very useful, massive, free downloadable and convertible ebooks.
Bible Hub  One of the most powerful free bible study tools available in almost all areas.
Softonic  One of the most convenient, all-inclusive, haggle-free, 100% virus-free and free software-downloadable search.
elyrics.net   One of the largest song lyrics destination on the net, providing access to more than 900,000 lyrics from around 50,000 artists/bands since 2000.
Lyrster  Find your song and lyrics here.
VideoPsalm  A very smart free software for presenting Bible verses in the pulpit.
PDF Burger  Create, Combine and Convert PDF Online free and unlimitedly
All My Faves  Bookmark and organize your favorite links in a visual way
Vsee World’s Largest Telemedicine Platform, an alternative to Skype.
Google Hangout Another alternative to Skype
Google Keep A handy notetaking service